My yoga journey began over a decade ago when I first started practicing while in High School. Yoga always spoke to me – it was a different approach than I had ever experienced in life. Yoga brought a mindfulness and stillness to my teenage life – which was both necessary and incredibly healing. As the years passed, I dabbled in yoga, pilates and meditation and almost lost my Yoga practice while attending University to earn my undergraduate degree. Life throws curveballs sometimes and my life was hit with a big one in my early 20’s. To heal and re-centre myself, I left my degree and moved to Whistler, B.C. for almost 2 years. It was during my time spent in Whistler that I reconnected with Yoga and through a very special teacher, I was able to find solace in my Yoga practice. It was along this journey that I realized the incredible transformational power that Yoga can have on one’s life. I then began thinking of teaching Yoga myself – how much I loved the practice and wanted to delve deeper and get a better understanding of this ancient tradition.

A few years later, after returning to my home city of Ottawa to complete the University degree which I had left, I began exploring Yoga centres and teacher training opportunities. PranaShanti Yoga Centre was the only Yoga studio that turned up on the search engine results when I searched for “Yoga teacher training scholarships in Ottawa”. All of my energies then poured into learning about PranaShanti and about the program the Centre was offering. I applied for the PranaShanti Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship in June, 2010 and crossed my fingers with all my might that I would be granted admission to the program. A few weeks later I received an email granting my admission and I was so ecstatic – I knew that this would be a life changing experience – and it was. PranaShanti offers a very special training in that Module 1 of training is a week-long intensive by the water, about an hour from Ottawa. It was a special sanctuary for learning and personal reflection – something that I had never experienced before. Each day we began with a 6am meditation, followed by a Yoga (asana) class and then breakfast together. The day would continue with various teachings and discussions and healthy vegetarian meals. The days were full and truly blissful – and I slept very well at night from taking so much in! The retreat was a unique experience in that I really had no worries in my day. No emails to check, no phone calls to answer, nowhere to commute to, no rush hour. We were allowed to enjoy a simple life of discussion, readings, reflection and Yoga practice. I enjoyed taking in the silence and seclusion of the space where we were – it allowed for a deep personal reflection and contemplation. This first Module of the training gave me a safe space for self-growth and personal transformation – in addition to the textbook teachings the trainers offer.



 Leaving Module 1 I had mixed feelings – I was sad that the experience of the retreat was over, but I was also excited to take these teachings into my real life. It was an emotional ride but I knew that we would all reunite in the seven weekends spent together in Module 2 of training. One of the greatest things I took from Module 1 training was awareness in how I relate with the world around me. I became lifted – more aware and much more compassionate with myself and with others. The training continued through home study, taking many yoga classes and attending the series of seven weekends at the Centre from August – November. Each weekend spent together we would reconnect and share experiences with each other about applying our new Yogic knowledge in our daily lives. It was wonderful to learn as a group and have the support from others going through a similar process.

This training gave me awareness and the tools to confidently begin a life as a Yoga teacher. I currently teach between 12 and 16 classes per week and I absolutely love it! I get to share my passion with my students and help them along their wellness path. Without PranaShanti Teacher Training, I would not be where I am today. I am so grateful to have had the experience in the teacher training and learning from all the teachers who gave their passion and energies into the training. A new level of awareness is what I now have in my life and I know that everyday is a new day and I will continue to grow as a Yoga teacher. PranaShanti Hatha Yoga Teacher truly strikes a perfect balance between the two Modules: a deep immersion and the chance to integrate the teachings into your every day life through the seven weekends. If you are thinking about Yoga Teacher Training, know that this training will be life changing, uplifting, sometimes challenging and hugely rewarding!

Shine on my friends,

– Tara 🙂