So my journey to the ashram for 90 days is now well underway. I have been here in Nassau at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat for almost 5 days now. It has already been amazing and hard at times too. I will be staying in my tent for the duration of my time here- which is something to get used to for sure.

Let me rewind time first and talk about my weeks before I arrived. In the weeks leading up to my departure I was busy preparing to leave – booking flights, researching travel insurance, buying camping gear; and also Christmas shopping and having early Christmas dinners with my family; as well as tying up all lose ends with the classes I was teaching and setting up substitute teachers for while I will be away. It was a very busy time and I certainly had a lot on my plate. A few days before I left Canada, our family received some horrible news that my brothers dog died during the night.

Her name was Daisy and she really was like a family dog- we would take care of her for months at a time sometimes and she really loved being up at the cottage where she could run around free and chase sticks and birds and squirrels. We had her for almost 10 years- a whole decade with her in our lives. I have never been closer to a dog before and I cried for almost 2 full days when I found out the news of her passing upon waking the morning of Thursday, Dec 8, 2011.

I couldn’t believe how much it hurt to lose a dog- to know that I’ll never see her again and the fact that it was so abrupt brought a shock factor. She was in perfect health so it came from left field. I can’t even imagine how lonely my brother and his wife must feel without her presence in the house. She was so loved and loving herself. She will truly be missed. I thank her for all the good times she gave me- pulling me on my longboard, chasing snowballs into endless banks of snow, chasing bubbles by the campfire and just being an amazing cuddle buddy.

Okay, back to the story of my journey here. On the weekend before I left I spent it with my boyfriend, Robin and we had an early Christmas together – which was amazing. I would actually like to take a moment to thank all of my family for giving me early Christmas dinners and celebrations- it was all so amazing! I truly feel like Christmas is over already and it’s still a week away.

One of the challenges I’ve been having since I got to the ashram I the realization that I’m here for 3 whole months. It feels surreal. It’s all perspective on how long three months really is. To some it’s a really long time but for others it’s not so long. I’ve already had people at the ashram thinking im crazy for being here this long and I’ve also had a woman tell me hat I should stay for a year to get free yoga teacher training (which isn’t going to

But every morning I wake up to realize again where I am and what I’m doing here. It feels like an eternity to be away from my partner but it feels like no time at all to be away from the rest of my life. In fact the hardest part about being here so far for me is knowing that Robin and I will be apart for 3 months and I known I’m going to miss him a lot. But nothing in life that is worth anything comes without challenges and I believe that this will only make our relationship stronger. He has been a great support so far and were hoping that he will get a chance to come spend a week in the Bahamas with me when I’m done the program in March. I will certainly need a vacation from this yoga “vacation”.

… More to come…