I will likely be writing many of these in point form from now on to save time since I do not have much of it đŸ™‚

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I had the privilege of taking Kumar’s Meditation and Inner Peace workshops. He’s an amazing man who has helped me see things in a very special way (his given name is Tom Spector).
He was abused as a boy growing up and throughout his life he was able to turn the hatred and anger he had towards his father into love. He was able to hold compassion for him, even though he was physically abusive. He came to realize that the stuff his father did was his father’s karma, and not his own. Thus he learned to separate his own karma from others. He also came to realize that his self-esteem comes from nobody but himself and that it does not matter what anyone thinks of him. Because of the abuse he enured, he grew up to have very low self-esteem. He learned that we are all here on this planet to learn lessons and to heal ourselves. He also learned to keep the heart open, no matter what. The moment you close your heart, is the moment you cheat yourself from experiencing real love. However many of us do this – we close our hearts off to protect it. But in reality we’re making life so much harder for ourselves. He says to hold everyone ji your heart- even those who have caused you pain. Kumar went on to explain how we all create our own suffering. We create it in the mind- through thoughts, which may not truly be reality.

He also spoke of dropping your crap. Not a new concept but the way he illustrated it was hilarious. He stood from his chair, picked it up and mounted it on his back as he hunched to carry it. Then he walked around casually with this chair on his back symbolizing all the crap we sometimes  carry around with us for no good reason. He then approached someone in the audience with the chair still on his back and said “hi, I’m Tom. I’d like to start a new relationship with you”, then laughed and said -“do I look ridiculous? Of course I look ridiculous!” He placed the chair back on the ground as he explained “it’s THAT easy! Just put it down and stop carrying it around with you. Just put it down.”

I bought his book and look forward to reading it. Simply hearing the sound of his voice puts me in an ultra relaxed state. He also is a great meditation teacher. He’s truly an amazing and inspirational man đŸ™‚

Om Shanti Kumar ~