Even though this happened two days ago, I feel compelled to write a blog about this fantastic day! This is also a great way for me to kick off my Fresh Squeezed Yoga blog!

It was a gusty cloudy afternoon and I was getting anxious for my approaching photo shoot experience!  After eating at Zen Kitchen for a work related lunch meeting, I arrived at lululemon Westboto store at 1:40pm on Thursday June 2nd with a very full belly! I arrived a tad early to (of course) fix my makeup and hair before we went on location. The location was TBA that day – by the photographer whom I had yet to meet, so I was curious to know where we would end up going. As soon as I walked in, with a summer dress on and looking beach-ready, one of the girls at the store introduced me to Craig, a young artsy looking photographer who I immediately got great energy from and who greeted me with the BIGGEST smile ever! One of the first sentences he said to me was “I am thinking of going to Gatineau Park with you for your shoot” and I was SO happy! That was the location I originally pitched to the girls a few weeks prior. He was then happy he chose that location and said “Great! After meeting you, I think it’s a great fit!”

So after roughly 20 minutes of prepping for the shoot, Chelsea, Sara, Craig and I piled in to Craigs Jeep and headed off to the Hilly Land of Quebec! The first thing I noticed while in the car was that Craig was listening to Broken Bells. I knew we would get along just fine! The first location we went to was Mackenzie King Estate where the ruins are. We got to drive in and park for free too because their system was down?! Awesome stars aligning!

This entire experience was so new to me and I was nervous how the photos would look – after all, one of these pictures gets blown up on a huge canvas and is part of the store decor for a year!!

We spent about 45 minutes at the first location and then we drove to Champlain lookout where we took most of the shots.

The blackflies were torturous!! I have never seen blackflies before so I didn’t realize that they actually take chunks out of your skin! The shoot was hilarious because I would be posing and then have to freak out and get all the bugs off me!! Chelsea was the lighting assistant and Sara was the one who helped me with my hair (from blowing in the wind), getting bugs off me and helping to smooth out the clothing for the picture.

Craig was great to work with – he was really nice and accommodating. He shot the photos with a Canon 5D.

Some things you don’t think about for a yoga photo shoot such as having dirty feet from posing on rocks and in the grass – so it’s good to bring baby wipes with you! Also “flattening” the grass with a yoga mat happens. You want the shot to be in fresh, springy grass 🙂

The entire shoot took about 2 hours after arriving. I only did about one sun salutation A as warm up and then was in some deep back bending poses for a while – I will admit that the next day, my back was very sore from so much bending!!

I am so grateful that lululemon brought me on as an ambassador and I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures and continuing this amazing relationship with the company and especially the lemons and limes at the Westboro location.

After the shoot I had to swing back to the West end of town to teach a yoga class – the first class out of a 13-week series called “Run Yoga” through Blue Bamboo. I got to meet about a dozen new runners and yogis that I will be working with for the next 3 months. A very rewarding day indeed!

Namaste to all!

Much love and light,


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